Repurchase Defense and Loan Buy Back Audits

Quality Mortgage Services has been a proven industry leader for over 20 years. As a result, we know the steps and strategies your company should take in order to guarantee success. Our successful history ensures that you can trust us to perform repurchase defense. Quality Mortgage Services has … [Read more...]

MERS Muzzles Legal Barking Dogs


Attorneys Target MERSCORP It appears that attorneys have been targeting the MERSCORP as a target of opportunity for sometime as it attracts law suits based on guilt by association in the mortgage industry.  The MERCORP continues to muzzle the legal barking dogs and send them on their way with their … [Read more...]

Quality Mortgage Services for Mortgage Servicing QC

Companies in the mortgage industry world face many complex challenges. At QMS, we understand those challenges and have proven solutions for them. As we know all too well, the myriad issues that have challenged the mortgage industry have not been limited to front-end originations. The mortgage … [Read more...]

Mortgage Banking Servicing and Quality Control

Unlike other industries, mortgage banking quality control is not just a simple QC plan. All agencies require a formal mortgage QC plan to be submitted that conforms to agency guidelines to be allowed to process any mortgage loans. Mortgage banking quality control plans are an extremely important … [Read more...]

Mortgage Industry Compliance

QMS is able to offer mortgage banker advisors with mortgage quality control audits assistance. By turning to an outside group such as QMS to be your mortgage compliance advisor and help with mortgage compliance issues you are able to keep your staff concentrating on loan production. QMS has a … [Read more...]

MERS Annual Report

The MERS® Annual Report of Quality Assurance Standards Compliance is a report that is required by the Executive Sponsor for each Member Servicer or Subservicer each calendar year and requires the following: Procedures in place for assurance that the MERSCORP data for all MERS® System required … [Read more...]

FHA Quality Control Plan

FHA Quality Control Plan Quality Mortgage Services can develop an FHA quality control plan that meets agency standards. The staff at Quality Mortgage Services has a wealth of knowledge, a wide range of professional and technical mortgage lending experience, and abilities based upon strong agency … [Read more...]

Federal Regulatory Audits

Banks and Credit Unions do an outstanding job of staying on top of quality control, especially when it comes to federal regulatory audits, because of the number of banking oversight agencies who dabble in banking. Quality Mortgage Services offers a comprehensive federal regulatory audit for any … [Read more...]

Mortgage Default Audits

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, nearly 10% of mortgage loans are either delinquent or in foreclosure. Although many states now have foreclosure inventory rates that are back to pre-crisis levels, other states have foreclosure rates that are two to three times the national average. … [Read more...]

Post Closing Quality Assurance

With over 20 years of proven industry experience, Quality Mortgage Service is a trustworthy guide for financial issues. We have the experience necessary in order to provide your company with the solutions you need. Quality Mortgage Services offers many of types of post closing quality control and … [Read more...]