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Quality Mortgage Services is a provider of mortgage loan reviews for compliance and quality control staffed with mortgage compliance advisors and mortgage risk analysis to help in taking mortgage QC programs to the next level in order to stay in touch with the latest industry changes. We are able to … [Read more...]

Appraisal QC Industry Leader

Serious business owners and company leaders everywhere understand the importance of complying with interagency appraisal regulations. If your business or organization has any questions about interagency appraisal regulations, it's important to get expert advice. Having qualified, knowledgeable … [Read more...]

MERS Quality Control Audit Reviews

As the recognized leader in mortgage audit services, we seek to help clients create and implement the most effective plans. Our qualified and highly skilled team will make sure that you are meeting all necessary financial regulations and requirements. Quality Mortgage Services, LLC offers our … [Read more...]

Compliance With MERS

There are many complex issues and challenges in the mortgage industry. Thankfully, Quality Mortgage Services has over 20 years of proven experience working in this field. We can help you address and solve the most complex financial issues. Quality Mortgage Services, LLC offers our clients a … [Read more...]

Mortgage Audit Pogram and Services

One of the key advantages of working with QMS is our third party neutrality toward the audit review mortgage loans. We will serve as mortgage banker advisor in regards to agency and risk. Mortgage fraud for housing is a serious issue that exists not only externally, but frequently from within … [Read more...]

Sizing up Mortgage Loan Quality for the Last 2-Year

How well did we do in mortgage loan quality 2011 and 2012?  Overall, mortgage loan quality improved very nicely by 2% from 88.34% in 2011 to 90.49% in 2012 for the collective portfolios from all mortgage loan types.  There were slight improvement with a decline mortgage repurchase potential and … [Read more...]

Anti-Money Laundering Policy and Wholesale Lenders

In researching the AML Policy, outlined in the Bank Secrecy Act, there are several questions in regards to the August deadline and the Compliance Officer required by the FinCEN directive.   Quality Mortgage Services has received requests from non-bank brokers and non-bank lenders in preparation of … [Read more...]

The FHA Quality Control Results for 2010-2011

FHA QC mortgage loan audit results The results from the 2011 and 2010 10% random sampling FHA quality control audits results are as follows: 2011 FHA RISK SCORES                                                          2010 FHA RISK SCORES 81.48% are … [Read more...]