Individuals Commit Mortgage Fraud… Not Companies

We should all recognize individuals commit the act of mortgage fraud not companies. Every part of the mortgage lending process presents another window of opportunity for people in our industry who, by the very nature of their job description, are exposed to unscrupulous loan originators, builders, … [Read more...]

What technologies are available to combat fraud?

I have clients from supervised wholesale lenders to non-supervised loan correspondents and I have seen about every type of fraud detection tool out there, from document compliance vendors, credit bureau services, automated valuation model (AVM) products, compliance software checklists and data … [Read more...]

Use mortgage quality control to lower the tolerance of errors

As I prepare for the release of The 2009 Year End Review of Quality Control, I continue see more things as the data comes more vivid than it did a few days ago.  It is like looking at the stars at night on a cool clear sky.  The more you look into the heavens the more stars you see.  This is the way … [Read more...]