Mortgage Banking Quality Control Shifts

mortgage banking qc

Mortgage Banking QC Shifts Over the last few years we have seen mortgage banking QC shifts in the spaces of mortgages, banking, and finance. I remember the day when the Federal Housing Administration was the only game in town that required quality assurance on their loans under the Mini-Eagle … [Read more...]

QMS Adds HMDA Data Audits to Its Services

Brentwood, TN – March 10, 2015 –Quality Mortgage Services, LLC (QMS) The Mortgage QC and Auditing Technology Solutions Company announced today that it is incorporating a new service to its line of mortgage banking audits. QMS is now offering HMDA Data Audits to banks and mortgage lenders. “We are … [Read more...]

Feature in Housing Wire Magazine

This year has been one of many changes all across the board. We started 2014 with the Qualified Mortgage and Ability to Repay while experiencing lower volumes in the origination market. In the mean time, we saw the agencies requiring more changes to QC reporting methodologies and trending tools. It … [Read more...]

Mortgage News Network Interviews Tommy Duncan

Claudia Duncan, Quality Mortgage Services First Senior VP

While attending the MBA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Tommy Duncan, CEO of Quality Mortgage Services, had the opportunity to be interviewed by Phil Hall, Lead Anchor with MNN (Mortgage News Network). During the interview, Tommy addressed some items that are important to QC Managers: Through … [Read more...]

MERS Muzzles Legal Barking Dogs


Attorneys Target MERSCORP It appears that attorneys have been targeting the MERSCORP as a target of opportunity for sometime as it attracts law suits based on guilt by association in the mortgage industry.  The MERCORP continues to muzzle the legal barking dogs and send them on their way with their … [Read more...]

Post Closing Quality Assurance

With over 20 years of proven industry experience, Quality Mortgage Service is a trustworthy guide for financial issues. We have the experience necessary in order to provide your company with the solutions you need. Quality Mortgage Services offers many of types of post closing quality control and … [Read more...]

Mortgage Audit Pogram and Services

One of the key advantages of working with QMS is our third party neutrality toward the audit review mortgage loans. We will serve as mortgage banker advisor in regards to agency and risk. Mortgage fraud for housing is a serious issue that exists not only externally, but frequently from within … [Read more...]

Mortgage Servicers and Compliance in 2012

2012 will be a benchmark year for mortgage servicers as progress is made in addressing the new face of mortgage servicing.  The mortgage banking industry has recognized that it will have to unite among the spectrum of mortgage servicers to establish National Servicing Standards by working with … [Read more...]

MERS® Sends Non-Compliant Notices

MERS® began sending notices immediately after the January 24, 2012 deadline extension for the Annual Report, to mortgage servicers for breach and failure to respond to the 2011 Annual Report notification from MERSCORP, Inc.  Basically, if a servicer did not submit the MERS® Quality Assurance plan … [Read more...]