Income without Paper

Quality Mortgage Services (QMS) has announced the release of their newest solution to help solve industry compliance obstacles.  QC Verify fully automates the verification process, which has historically been a difficult to manage, paper ridden and a costly means of attempting to verify assets, … [Read more...]

Can Technology Keep Pace Mortgage Regulatory Reform?


The Compliance Technology Obstacle While attending the Mortgage Bankers Association Regulatory Compliance Conference in Washington DC, the MBA workgroup discussion addressed the vulnerabilities mortgage bankers have with current compliance and how their hands are tied as a result of the technology … [Read more...]

Where is mortgage technology going?

I agree the Automated Underwriting Systems (AUS) were misused as a “quick an easy”.  As a post closing quality control expert, we constantly made attempts warning lender of the data model manipulation to get deals done.   Now with new quality control initiative like Fannie Mae’s Lenders Quality … [Read more...]

What technologies are available to combat fraud?

I have clients from supervised wholesale lenders to non-supervised loan correspondents and I have seen about every type of fraud detection tool out there, from document compliance vendors, credit bureau services, automated valuation model (AVM) products, compliance software checklists and data … [Read more...]