MARS™ (Mortgage Analysis Review Software) is a proprietary analytic and trend result mortgage compliance and mortgage QC auditing software developed by QMS to aid in the extensive mortgage QC review and audits. MARS compiles, retrieves, compares, stores and analyzes the gathered data from the mortgage QC audit review. The MARS database creates statistical QC audit analytical reports so that mortgage QC managers can highlight trends in the information that identifies gaps in LQI and the pre-funding QC process. This is to assist in order to enhance effective loan operations and production quality while reducing loan defects and mortgage repurchase claims.

QC Managers

MARS™ is the best QC software solution available in the market today. Our experience and knowledge are put to work to engineer a program like no other. The fact that we are QC professionals differentiates us from other solutions available. We use MARS™ everyday and follow agency regulations as well. The combination of both gives us the edge to confidently say that we are working diligently to bring you the ultimate QC review software.

More About QC Managers

ATQ (Audit the Quality Control)

ATQ (Audit the QC) is a tool built in MARS that allows the user to perform an audit of their quality control as required under Fannie Mae Selling Guide Announcement SEL-2013-05 (D1-1-02) dated July 30th in regards to outsourcing of the QC file review process.

The new requirement stipulates that the lender establish a process to review at least 10% of the loans reviewed by vendors, including those with and without findings. This review must be conducted by the lender and not by a third party. Fannie Mae is clear that strict quality control procedures must be in place to validate lender quality control programs.

Leasing MARS for your business

MARS is perfect for QC shops that have in-house quality control staff or for QC companies who have no software or proper technology to support data. QMS will provide private labeling and branding. QMS will host and maintain MARS on its servers in order for the data to fall under the protection of the SSAE-16 certificate. The lease option is based on a per file transaction. MARS fraud and analytic tools are available as well with free technical support.