Mortgage Analysis Review Software (MARS)

Are you a mortgage loan auditor who focuses on detecting mortgage fraud? Are you part of a business or organization working to identify mortgage risk trends? Are you looking for reliable tools that will help your organization or company run effectively and efficiently? If so, we have a solution for you!

Quality Mortgage Services, LLC, a leader in out-source mortgage QA reviews and mortgage QC services, has unveiled its newest high-tech mortgage to help mortgage loan auditors detect mortgage fraud for housing, mortgage risk trends with analytics, and help find gaps in LQI QC by maintaining a robust mortgage audit program.

MARS (Mortgage Analysis Review Software) is an analytic and trend result mortgage compliance and mortgage QC auditing software that was developed to aid in the extensive mortgage QC review and auditing. It compiles, retrieves, compares, stores and analyzes the gathered data from the mortgage QC audit review. The MARS database creates statistical QC audit analytical reports so the mortgage QC managers can highlight and trends the information that identifies gaps in LQI and the pre-funding QC process in order to enhance effective loan operation and production quality and reduce loan defect and mortgage repurchase claims.

The beauty of MARS is that it is designed to be used by experienced and qualified mortgage QC personnel. This eliminates the problems associated with other mortgage compliance software that allows inexperienced data processors to simply input data with little knowledge or understanding of mortgage fraud for housing and fraud schemes, resulting in an inaccurate and unreliable QC report. The power behind MARS is that experienced and qualified quality assurance staff use it as a tool to provide information that can make a difference for the loan production managers with accurate post-closing QC reports.

MARS is not designed for those who need a check list to perform a risk analysis or collateral audit. It is designed to be used by seasoned and experienced underwriters who have critical thinking skill to find problems and addressed risks and loan defects.

The superior knowledge base of Quality Mortgage Services’ personnel blended with innovative technology creates a highly comprehensive mortgage QC report with analytical loan defect measurements that is informative and easy to understand. The MARS portal is the easy passage to evaluating loan quality with compare and contrast charts that provides loans analysis from the mortgage analyst who perform the QC mortgage audit uncovering the mortgage fraud for housing.

MARS is a proprietary, web-based application that is designed specifically for the use of Quality Mortgage Services to help create a superior mortgage compliance QC audit review for clients. MARS also provides QC Managers a tool in order to compare and contrast trends from all parts of the loan. However, MARS can be leased to companies interested in anaffordable mortgage QC software solution.

MARS uses the latest security measures. QMS maintains a SSAE-16 certificate with its datacenter. Web hosting and tech support is offered to our clients who wish to utilize QMS web servers for hosting their web page or choose to lease MARS for their in-house mortgage quality control program.

MARS is the solution for qualified mortgage QC personnel who want to ensure a smooth, effective system for loan operations. The comprehensive software simplifies the loan process by providing trustworthy data and statistics. Experienced financial experts will benefit from this overarching software system. If you are interested in purchasing MARS for your business or organization, contact us today. We will answer any questions you may have about the software and show you why it is a wise investment for your business.