QC Managers and MARS

Interactive Management Reports is why QC Managers love MARS. A web portal is provided to QC Managers in order to interact with the reports. Managers can annotate responses to the report and actions taken. The report can be printed and provided to investors, agencies, or executives in order to demonstrate a proactive mortgage QC Program.

The portal is available to all Quality Mortgage Services’clients and end users leasing MARS. The portal also provides a metric area where QC Managers can monitor underwriters, originators, appraisers, branches, TPOs, in order to compare and contrast past quality assurance performances. The compare and contrast helps with link analysis for mortgage fraud detection and prevention.

  • Executive Management –  Enables the QC Manager to control user access to the portal where the many reports and analytical tools are maintained. This feature is only available for those who purchase MARS.
  • Managerial Area – QC Managers control end user profiles and rights. QC Manager may provide permissions to those staff that need access to components of the portal. Most QC Managers use this feature when assigning responses to the production staff to respond to QC finding in the report.
  • QMS Recent Actions – This enables the QC Manager to see what the most recent completed actions in MARS are. This includes completed reports, management response a report, Field Review Appraisal uploads, and other QC transactions.
  • End User Activities – See who accesses the portal and who is completing their QC Report responses. This report helps the QC Manager manage assignment for responses or actions in correcting QC reports or mortgage files.
  • Assign/Action Taken/Responses – This tool allows the QC Manager to assign staff from the portal tasks to respond to QC Reports via internal communications.
  • QC Audit Status Updates – Track auditors’ progress with their audits or reports. This enables the QC Manager to track audit assignments and progress.