QC Verify: Verification Solutions Powered by MARS™

In an effort to make processes and methodologies more efficient, QMS recently added a new verification platform called QC Verify, a document verification solution powered by QMS proprietary MARS™ technology platform.

QC Verify can securely store hundreds of verifications which are required to be sent out as part of the QC audit that mortgage bankers are required to execute monthly.


  • Cost savings as companies are able to reduce the cost of sending out self-addressed stamped envelopes, heavy printing and paper usage.
  • Eliminate waiting time to complete an audit as verifications are updated live in the MARS™ portal. Reduce phone calls from irate borrowers who learn their personal information was sent to incorrect contact points.
  • Help the environment by reducing the heavy use of paper products such as extra letters and envelopes.
  • Reduce space to store paper as verifications are stored electronically.
  • Secure information by the use of a SSL certification to establish a secured connection while encrypting information sent to the server.

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